Side view showing front porch and rear addition. Having a sliding door for the front entrance is kind of odd.

We have a nice shady lot. Front awning was removed for more light in the house. It was really dim inside previously.

Long driveway to the garage has a tunnel of old Lilacs. They smell so good when in bloom are quite colorful.

 O ur place required major cleaning upon our arrival.  We only saw it at night.  It was bad. The ceiling was covered with tar from decades of cigarette smoking and cooking greasy food. The carpeting in the bedrooms was original and tattered from the shower walls leaking into the bedroom floor.  The bathtub was covered in soap scum, along with the entire surrounding area. The windows in the house were covered with yellow stained Visquene, that was duct taped over the aluminum window frames.  The resulting moisture in between had ruined the window screens and corroded the window frames to a pea green, mossy shade.  The baseboards were broken or missing, and the stove was a hazard to operate.  It was in really bad and disgusting shape.  It was cheap, but we didn't know what we were up against originally.  Had it NOT been a Lustron, perhaps this house would have been condemned. It was bad.  But we tackled it with our teeth gritting-  We got to know our Lustron VERY intimately!  Along with about a dozen friends, we cleaned it with an industrial strength degreaser from top to bottom inside and out.

While we were cleaning, we found a secret note, written in crayon, inside one of the overhead door panels from the original owners.  It reads the following:

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"MOM -XXX 9-2-26"
"DAD -XXX 3-4-25"
"DAUGHTER -XXX 12-28-48"
"SON -SCOTT III 9-14-51"
"DOG -DUKE 5-14-58"

...So of course we wrote our names and the date we moved in and cleaned the house, for the next 'adventurers' to find. *Note: Watch out for these panels when they fall from time to time!...

I personally tackled the bathroom with a "Roto-Stripper" on a drill, and a face mask and goggles.  That porcelain is tough stuff!  It stood up to the Roto-Stripper no problem, (which is more than I can say for my drill.) Then a little Soft-Scrub brought it all back to glistening 'show room' finish!  We sealed the panels in the shower area with silicone caulk, got some tub edge treatment from the home center,and painted the shower stall with epoxy/marine paint.  It holds up well to weekly cleaning for about 3-years, and then the paint eventually starts peeling.  (Nothing stays stuck to that porcelain!)

Next came all new appliances and window treatments.  We rebuilt all of the window crank boxes, and fitted them with new handles.  New carpeting and tile was laid out throughout the entire house.  We have a very old and unique stove in our Lustron.  It isn't original, yet it is from the same era.  We had to replace the stove that was in our Lustron upon our arrival, and were lucky to get a 'hand-me-down' electric from my roomates Grandmother.  It was a basement stove, only used for large family events. It is in perfect operating condition and practically mint.  We even found a pan with printed measurements hidden inside a bread drawer.  It was unused and preserved!  Even the GE light still works!  The styling fit right into the Lustron.

 It is ironic when you think how a maintenance free home was never maintained, yet the ingenious design allowed someone to appreciate the fine features of being "Maintenance Free" many years later.  No other home would have 'come back' from the dead as this one did.  Lustron lives on!

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Click HERE to see what is in our BACKROOM ADDITION!!

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