Here are more Lustrons I have found in Lombard!

** July, 2001-  Well I finally discovered the missing # 35 Lustron Home in Lombard Illinois.  I was told by Tom Fetters daughter Jeanne that there 35 recorded Lustron Homes here.  I found # 35 on Third St.

Brick Garage-

Stone Facing-

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23.)  Lustron on Brookfield St. shows a brick garage and vinyl siding added on. I wonder what they did about the dining room picture window? :-/

24.)  Note the stone facing on the corner.  I think this one on the corner of Lincoln and another street that I can't remember.  It's hard to remember when you keep finding MORE of them!

25.)  Nice yellow one Greenfield St. I must have driven past this house a million times over the past 30 years, and never noticed.

26.)  Grey and Green one tucked in behind the evergreens on the corner of N. Elizabeth and Brookfield. It's easy to miss this one.

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Back shot of the Lustron on the corner of N. Elizabeth and Brookfield.

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27.)  Nice bright blue Lustron on the corner of N. Elizabeth and Grove.

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Side view of same house shows matching shed.

North Garfield St.-

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28.)  Now we start with the many Lustrons found on N. Garfield St. I was told about. This one is very nice.

29.)  Blue Lustron with new windows on N. Garfield.

30.)  Grey one right next door.


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31.)  Painted Lustron on N. Garfield shows that nothing sticks to porcelain coating.

32.)  Clean grey and green Lustron with nice enclosed porch on N. Garfield.

33.)  This N. Garfield Lustron has been sided. Another one that you drive right by and not notice.

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35.)  This coral colored Lustron is on Third St, off of Washington.  It looks vacant right now.  Once again, just happened to catch it driving by. ;-)


** This house is scheduled for demolition.  See some pictures here- **

"The Imposter" (#34?)

 While keeping my eye open for more hiding Lustrons, I drove past this house and something about it caught my eye.  The layout looked very familiar.  I turned around and rolled up to it.  It sure looked like the same layout as a Lustron, but it appeared to be built with traditional materials, and there was an addition off of the bedrooms.  As I rolled up the street, I asked a neighbor if it was a Lustron.  "YES, how did you know?" he replied.  I said; "You would never know if you didn't live in one before!.."

This gentleman told me that the house was currently a rental.  Previously it had a very bad fire, and was completely rebuilt on top of the original foundation.  The strange thing he told me was that the addition was added when the house was still original.  It is made of concrete.  He told me the original owners poured a slab AND WALLS for the addition, and that they had formed the walls to look like the Lustron panels.  ODD!!  Wonder how they accessed the new room?

Anyway, the house is now finished in traditional materials.  I was told nothing remains of the original structure.  I would have liked to see the inside to see how it was done, but nobody was home...

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You would never know this house was a Lustron before-.

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Back view shows familiar Lustron door and window layout, with another shorter bedroom window.

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Front view reveals the subtle Lustron layout still evident by the extended front window area. Note the smaller bedroom window.

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View of other side shows the odd concrete addition off of the bedrooms, now covered in siding like the rest of the house. Apparently this structure survived the fire, when the metal Lustron structure did not.

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